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Our Mission

Our highest responsibility is to serve our clients' true needs and objectives. FLA's mission is to enhance our clientele's physical environment by creating places that nourish the soul. ​

Our Approach

Fletemeyer & Lee Associates brings a dynamic approach for well-conceived design solutions to clients throughout the United States and Canada. Our award-winning firm has a combined practice of architecture, landscape architecture, design/build (construction management) and planning to provide every facet of the design concept and to create solutions for both short term and long range goals of the Client. Our passion comes from working alongside our Clients and developing settings whose character create a strong sense of place. 

At FLA, we seek a deeper understanding of the inherent human need of interacting with nature – its benefits to our health, productivity, and well-being. We are constantly exploring the art and science of the physical environment to gain a deeper understanding of how it affects the soul. We have chosen this work because it is important to us, because it benefits the clients we work with, and the people they serve.


It takes more than understanding the technical aspects of the profession to design spaces that create memorable experiences for these who will use the space. It takes a solid understanding of physical setting for which we design.

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