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Clearwater Lodge   

Newport, WA

At night, as the lights from the lodge are illuminated, the atmosphere is reminiscent of campfires nestled along the lake’s perimeter. The experience: serene and peaceful – the perfect balance of form and function, nature and spirit.


Strategically sited on a rocky peninsula with a commanding view of Davis Lake and nearby mountains, Clearwater Lodge is an impressive 15,000 SF adult conference facility.  A lobby, meeting room and 24 guest rooms comprise this complex that incorporates an innovative three adjoining-room suite option to accommodate varied group requirements.


What experience told us.

The architectural character could reflect the regional essence of the great Northwest by exposing the structural elements of wood timber columns, glu-laminated beams and wood rafter tails.  Generous amounts of rich wood finishes and trim, combined with sandblasted concrete and granite from the site, would result in a natural architectural solution that would blend into its natural surrounding

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