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Dobbins Hall   

Zephyr Point, Lake Tahoe, CA

As a part of ongoing updates and improvements to Zephyr Point's dramatic Lake Tahoe setting and historic facilities, Dobbins Hall needed a more inviting entry, lobby, ADA accessibility, bathrooms, and updated energy conserving lighting, heating, and ventilation. 

What experience told us

While honoring the storied use and character of iconic camp buildings, there are often opportunities to make them even more effective in accomplishing their original purpose. In the case of Dobbins Hall, this meant incorporating opportunities to enhance the guests' experience of the lake and the outdoor setting by replacing the old windows with french doors and a porch, to contrast the guests' everyday environments by accentuating the the dramatic vaulted ceiling and exposed heavy timber structural trusses with new lighting, and expanding the use of the lower level onto a new large deck overlooking Lake Tahoe. 

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